Our services offer a complete solution to make your marble and granite shop OSHA compliant and create safer work environment for your employees. We address all regulations that pertain to any activity conducted in the granite shop and propose simple and cost effective solutions to fix possible safety shortcomings. By offering comprehensive multi language training specifically crafted for granite industry, providing required industrial hygiene testing and handling all required paperwork, we offer peace of mind to the shop owner and increase profitability of his business.


Safety Keepers

The Respiratory Protection Program can be one of the most difficult programs for shop owners to implement. Not only does this program require each and every employee to be fully trained for proper use of a respirator, but it also requires employees to be medically evaluated. Each employee must be fit-tested using OSHA delineated testing procedures and equipment. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming likelihood of respirable dust and silica exposure, granite shops are commonly targeted for OSHA inspections.

We offer the following federally mandated elements of respiratory protection:

  • Written Respiratory Protection Program.
  • Medical evaluation Questionnaires that once filled out will be reviewed by our Occupational Health Professional giving your employee clearance to use respirator after the proper test fitting procedure.
  • Respirator Fit Testing.
  • Employee Training.


Safety Keepers

The Hazard Communication Standard has undergone recent changes. Itís important to follow updated regulations. All employees not only have the right to be aware of what chemicals and other dangerous substances are used during the process of stone fabrication, but also how to handle them. Initially, it may seem as if there arenít a lot of chemicals in the shop, maybe some knife grade and flowing epoxies, hardeners, colors, sealers, and acetone. From our experience, medium size shop uses well over 100 different substances that would qualify to be included in a Hazard Communication Program.

We offer following federally mandated elements of Hazard Communication Programs:

  • Written Hazard Communication Program.
  • Complete MSDS (SDS) Package for employee review.
  • Complete Inventory of all chemicals that can be found on-site.
  • Employee Training, which is focused on common chemicals and substances that are used in the granite shop. Our training reflects recent changes to the Hazard Communication Standard.


Safety Keepers

Weíre not aware of a granite shop owner that isnít required to implement a Hearing Conservation Program for their employees. Letís face it granite shops are noisy. If your employees donít take a yearly Audiometric Test, you are most likely in serious violation of federal regulations. Due to the prolonged occupational noise exposure, OSHA requires employers to measure noise-levels and to have each employee undergo hearing ability testing.

Our services offer the federally-mandated Hearing Conservative Program, which includes:

  • Initial Noise Survey, which is measured with our sound level meters and individual noise dosimeters to determine accurate levels of shop noises.
  • Written Hearing Conservative Program test.
  • Yearly Employee Training.
  • Yearly Audiometric Testing, which is conducted on-site with our mobile audiometric equipment by our on-staff Occupational Hearing Conservationist. The final test results will be reviewed by a professional audiologist.


Safety Keepers

The Lock Out / Tag Out program usually becomes a concern during OSHA inspections. It is mandatory for employers to notify their employees of the proper procedures to follow in order to control hazardous energy during servicing of shop machinery. Larger granite shops with bridge saws, CNC machines, Water Jets etc would need an effective lock out tag out program, but even smaller shops will be exposed if not following these regulations.

We will provide you with federally mandated LOCK OUT / TAG OUT Program Components:

  • Written Lock Out / Tag Out Program.
  • Forms for the programís yearly effectiveness evaluation.
  • Employee training.
  • Example Tags, and Lock Out / Tag Out boards and sets.


Safety Keepers

The Emergency Action Plan educates employees on the step-by-step procedures to follow in case of emergencies such as fires, chemical spills, or critical accidents. An important section of the Emergency Action Plan includes the assignment of specific emergency roles for each shop employee and the development of evacuation diagrams.

Our services offer you the federally-mandated Emergency Action Plan, which includes:

  • Written Emergency Action Plan.
  • Employee Training.
  • Facility map with a clearly drawn evacuation path. Supplied to you protected in a plastic case.


Safety KeepersAll employers are obliged to train their employees on how to safely operate shop equipment, and to safely conduct all other work-related tasks. Our General Granite Shop Safety Training Program includes training in proper slab handling techniques, container unloading, bridge saw safety, and electrical equipment safety, compressed air safety, to name a just a few. This program also includes loss prevention training such as the Back Injury Prevention Program and the Good Housekeeping Program.


Safety KeepersWe will conduct safety walkthroughs for your facility on a quarterly basis to identify areas of non-compliance. In addition, we will train your management team how to cooperatively interact with an OSHA inspector during an inspection of your facility. If an unannounced OSHA inspection happens, we will be there within an hour to assist you and protect your interests.


Safety KeepersFor this program, weíll certify and train your forklift operators. Our Safety Specialists are certified forklift trainers and will conduct thorough forklift operator training sessions. Our training program consists of class training sessions, a written exam, and a practical test. After the training program, the operators will be granted a Certificate of Forklift Course Completion and a laminated operator photo ID card. Without the proper training for your employees, it may result your shop failing to be approved for insurance coverage.


Safety KeepersWith the Crane Operator Training and Certification program, we offer training and certification classes for your crane operators. After completion of the training, each operator will receive a Certificate of Crane Course Completion and a laminated operator photo ID card.


Safety KeepersUpon request, our professional Occupational Health and Safety Instructors are able to offer your shop a wide variety of safety trainings. For example, if your granite business installs cladding on building facades, we can customize our training courses for fall protection and for the proper use of an aerial lift. If your business unloads granite slabs from shipping containers, we can customize our training programs to teach your employees safe unloading techniques for both open and closed-top containers, including safety operator training for your specific equipment. We also offer 10 and 30 hour general industry and construction outreach programs.


Safety KeepersGranite and marble shop owners are responsible for providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees. This is why the law requires owners to review, eliminate and mitigate all potential risks and safety hazards that may exist within their shop. Through our Job Hazard Analysis procedure, we review every aspect of each process involved with granite countertop fabrication, and then we identify the respective safety concerns. After determining the safety concerns, we propose a practical, OSHA compliant solution to eliminate each hazard, creating a safer work environment. Since we are adept at the work processes involved in granite fabrication, not only will we improve workplace safety, but we will also provide valuable suggestions to speed up your fabrication process, resulting in a noticeable increase in productivity.


Safety KeepersWe will help you to fill out all OSH A required logs 300, 300A and 301. We will keep them updated and send them over to you for posting when it is required by Federal Law. We will assist you in completing the periodic Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses in which participation is mandatory. You will have an access to your logs through our website.