Safety Keepers"Safety Keepers was established to provide services that granite shop owners need in order to ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment. We are intimately familiar with all aspects of granite countertop fabrication processes because we come from a fabrication background. There are many safety laws and regulations that are difficult for business owners to comply with or implement. Our professionals have an a lot of experience in the granite fabrication industry and a deep knowledge when it comes to safety compliance for this particular industry. Granite shop safety is the only thing we do!
We understand that there are a lot of resources available to help business owners reach full safety compliance, but from our experience we’ve noticed that they’re rarely implemented. Why? Let's be honest. You, as a business owner would have to dedicate too much time to master all of safety requirements that pertain to the granite fabrication shop.

If you try doing it, then who would run your business? On the other hand employing a safety compliance specialist will be prohibitively expensive, unless you chose Safety Keepers. Our services are very affordable because we are able to increase our efficiency by working exclusively with granite shops. Very often, we will know your safety shortcomings and issues before we even visit your shop. By providing a complete solution package to all your safety needs we create a no worry atmosphere for the business to grow and be profitable."